Managing Systems and Innovation: An empirical study of Basque firms


Igartua JI, Errasti N, Zabaleta N. 2012. Managing Systems and Innovation: An empirical study of Basque firms. XVI Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización , pag. 523-530. Vigo.


The assumption that the innovation process is subject to historical conditions plays a central role in the evolutionary approach, what is reflected in various ways commonly used in studies on innovation. Thus, although business innovation has been seen by different authors and researchers as an evolving process, there are few studies that have conducted empirical studies on the influence of the historical conditions of the company on innovation, beyond the consideration of the firm age variable Control. This paper analyses the way management systems influence innovation in firms. Specifically, this paper focuses on studying innovation from an innovation performance, innovation management and innovation management tools (IMTs) holistic perspective. To this end, we propose a specific model of analysis, tested in a sample of 566 Basque companies in Northern Spain. Research results highlight that business innovation is related to companies´ previous development and implementation of management systems (MSs).


(cio2012)XVI Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización


EN-06. Innovation Management, Technological and Organizational Innovation

Palabras Clave

  • management systems
  • Innovation
  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation Management Tools