The importance of strategic alignment in enterprise collaboration


Vargas A, Boza A, Cuenca L, Ortiz A. 2012. The importance of strategic alignment in enterprise collaboration. XVI Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización , pag. 645-652. Vigo.


The increasing competition, in which companies are currently involved, requires the search for agreement among different trading partners to achieve synergies that will allow them to build competitive advantage and survive in a globalized environment. Additionally, the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in this environment is essential to integrate and communicate to members of the supply chain (SC) or networks that want to collaborate, therefore it is necessary that the information systems and information technologies (IS/IT) be adjust and be support to global business strategy of the SC and/or networks. In this sense, this article seeks to analyze, relate and synthesize the research that has addressed the disciplines of collaboration and strategic alignment, both individually and jointly, in order to identify possible future lines of research from conceptualization performed.


(cio2012)XVI Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización


EN-09. Information Systems and ICT

Palabras Clave

  • Collaborative Networks
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • strategic alignment
  • information systems (IS)
  • information technology (IT)